Future Goals



The following goals are not necessarily listed in the order they will be done.


  • Painting of the front and side windows is still pending.


  • Wiring for the storage closets and ceiling fans will be installed in the attic.


  • The storage closets at the south end of the main room will be repaired and painted.


  • The floors in the storage closets will be sanded and finished.


  • The pressure tank upgraded and line hooked up to the water tank.


  • The BBQ pit area will be upgraded and will have a new roof installed.


  • A box (coffin) will be built to barbecue the beef and beans for our annual BBQ.  To include a chain fall to lower and lift the box.


  • Ceiling lights will be renovated in the main room.


  • Ceiling fans will be installed in the kitchen and main room.


  • The paneling will be replaced in the hall and main room.


  • An extension platform ladder will be purchased.


  • The ceilings will be replaced in the main room and in the kitchen.


  • Purchase of a pressure washer.


  • Put curtains in the Main Room.


  • Purchase a Blender.


  • Purchase a Craft to keep Coffee Warm.


  • Purchase a Griddle for the Stove.


  • Purchase a Toaster.


  • Purchase a Large Indoor/Outdoor Rug for the South Entrance.







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